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I've had a few requests lately that people want an easily read, easily accessible list of the 'best' squash rackets. Now, please be aware that this  Squash Racquet Guide is purely my OPINIONS. I base this on what I've used and what I've read from others as well. Please, as always, use caution and try rackets out before you buy them!

With that out the way, here we go!

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Beginner Squash Rackets

  1. Prince Squash Starter Kit
  2. Head Flexpoint 130
  3. Prince F3 Blast (The new version is called the Prince F3 Agile but it is essentially the same).
Intermediate Squash Rackets
  1. Prince Triple Threat Tungsten
  2. Dunlop Blackmax Graphite 500
  3. Head Liquidmetal 140
Expert Squash Rackets
  1. Head MicroGel 145

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And one last thing, If you are looking for Squash Rules - This will help!

I hope that gets you on your way!

Enjoy your stay and feel free to drop a comment!

Cheers, SR.

Black Knight 5242 Bandit-2 Squash Racquet


Are you a frequent squash player and want to find one of the best racquets around for an absolute bargain price? Then look no further than the Black Knight 5242 Bandit-2 Squash Racquet. This is the best value for money squash racquet available today. It is very lightweight, making it very easy to swing around. The head is larger than normal, providing more power. Perfect for those players in the intermediate level to the advanced level, your opponents will be amazed when you show them what you can do with this racquet.

The Black Knight 5242 Bandit-2 Squash Racquet is extremely durable and long-lasting, no matter how often you play with it or how rough you are with it. Even if you never need them, this squash racquet is such good value that it would be possible to buy extras as spares, or even presents if you’re feeling generous. The Black Knight 5242 Bandit-2 Squash Racquet comes complete with a racquet cover and is factory-strung.

I received the Black Knight 5242 Bandit-2 Squash Racquet as a present, and I don’t know how I played without it for so long. I have long since given my old racquet away as I can’t imagine using anything but the Black Knight 5242 Bandit-2 Squash Racquet again. I am quite rough with my racquets but this one is quite indestructible. I will definitely buy this one for myself if and when my current one breaks.

Black Knight 5242 Bandit-2 Squash Racquet

Black Knight 5242 Bandit-2 Squash Racquet

Many people have made positive comments about the Black Knight 5242 Bandit-2 Squash Racquet. All mention its great price. One squash player commented that he bought himself one after discovering that the weight of the head is excellent for doing back corner retrieves. He plays squash every day and is very impressed by its durability. He has found that, due to the cheap price, he has bought several as spares.

Another happy reviewer loves his squash game and plays often. Once he discovered the Black Knight 5242 Bandit-2 Squash Racquet he was hooked and wouldn’t buy anything else. He loves its light weight yet slightly heavy head which gives him a great deal of extra power when he needs it. With the great control it gives him, he is ecstatic to claim that this squash racquet is excellent value for money.

A happy lady squash player who commented favorably on the Black Knight 5242 Bandit-2 Squash Racquet plays squash once a week; just a friendly game with some friends. She claims that her opponents were so impressed with how much power her new racquet was giving her that they insisted on trying it out themselves. They were so thrilled with how much better they were able to play because of its lightness and power, that they went out and bought themselves one each.

Hope you enjoy it. Apologies that the review may not be up to my usual standard - I am a little rushed trying to prepare for my wedding. Hopefully I shall have the time to complete a few articles on racquetball vs squash, as well as add a few reviews on some Harrow squash racquets.

Cheers, Squashracqueteering.

If you liked this racquet, but would like some other options check out the following:

1.  Prince Triple Threat (TT) Sovereign

2.  Dunlop Black Max Squash Racket

3.  Head Youtek Cyano 115

Head ATP Pro Bag


Looking for a new Squash Bag? Technically the Head ATP Pro Bag is a tennis bag, but hey, they fit all the same! It is a well built bag and fits roughly 3 squash rackets and a few extra pieces. It's a good looking thing and I've seen a few guys sporting them around the clubs. I know two of the gents who own them are Tennis players but one of them hasn't stepped onto a grass court for a long time. They all seem proud as punch with them and found that they have had no complaints about them so far. They recommended them to me and said I should stick something up on my website. So here we are folks, the Head ATP Pro Bag. Enjoy!

Head ATP Pro Bag Blue
Head ATP Pro Bag Blue

It's an ergonomic bag with additional storage pockets, a carry handle and a padded, adjustable and removable shoulder strap. Being an official bag of the ATP world tour, the bag must be of a high quality. It's got a great style and look to it and is a great size. It is not overly large yet nor is it cramped. Head have created a real nice squash bag and with the study zippers and pulls it will likely survive well beyond your squash career!

Head ATP Pro Bag Black
Head ATP Pro Bag Black
A lot of people have stated that it has more room than you think and are typically very pleased. Even those looking for a smaller bag are impressed at it's stream lined lack of bulk. You can comfortably carry your squash racquets, squash balls, water bottle and sweater for post-match. There is also a small pocket for keys, wallets, phones etc. It's pretty fully by that point but it stores it all comfortably.

Of the two colour schemes I prefer the blue and white for looks. Though a friend of mine noted that she thinks the black/white color scheme does not 'dirty' as quickly.

The shoulder pad is very comfortable and makes this already simple and light squash bag easy to carry. It will fit into most gym lockers which is a big plus.

All in all, the Head ATP Pro Bag (Squash or Tennis!) is most likely what you are looking for! I would recommend it to any recreational player.

Head ATP Pro Bag Head ATP Pro Bag
List Price: $40.00

2 for 1 Squash Rackets


Hey guys,

So I've had a few emails about 2 for 1 squash racket deals. The people asking seem to be beginners, or people interested in trying the sport out, but not wanting to invest too much.

I don't know of any 2 for 1 deals for squash racquets however I can recommend a great way to get into the sport for less. The quality, and the price are pretty damn good and is a risk free way of trying squash out. It's a great sport, you'll love it I promise!

Anyway, the squash gear kit that I am talking about is the John White Squash Starter Kit.

Have a read of my review from a few years back. They have updated their racquets a little but for the most part they're exactly the same. They're built so that beginners can settle in really quick and not have to concern themselves with too much. It's pretty much all you will need to get into it and have a good hit!

Cheers guys I hope that helps :) SRacqueteer

Prince TT Sovereign Review


Quick update on the Prince TT Sovereign review. It's still a top quality intermediate racquet. Definitely a worth while purchase. I've now had one for over 2 years and it hasn't developed any cracks or fractures. I've replaced with a highly strung Tecnifibre X-One Biphase squash string and it's finesse has been improved. Very versatile racquet with the ability to go from a loose string thumper to a tight string sniper racquet! Still one of the latest and greatest. Enjoy.

Prince Triple Threat Tungsten Sovereign Squash Racquet Review


Gooooood Evening!

Here we have the Prince Triple Threat Tungsten Sovereign up for our one and only Squash Racquet Review! What a mouth full right? With a name so conducive for oral mishaps it’s gotta be good right?

Well, the proof is in the pudding with the Prince Triple Threat Tungsten Sovereign Squash Racket in use by Prince’s professional players for many years. The racquet has a solid feel with a great mix of power and control. Not the biggest hitter of the pack, but its punch is big enough without affecting its fantastic sense of control. The string pattern & tension from stock has been improved since it’s predecessors which has made for a nice improvement in play and sturdiness.

To give an overview of what the triple threat system is since it applies to all three sizes of the racquet. The triple threat line of frames has titanium/carbon braids in the 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock positions along with at the base of the handle. What this does is provide a special weighting system that increases stability and control and decreases vibration.

Prince Triple Threat Soveriegn Squash Racquet Review

Prince Triple Threat Sovereign Squash Racquet Review

Prince Triple Threat Tungsten Sovereign Squash Racquet Features

Some of the Specifications: Composition/Construction: Graphite Extreme Triple Threat w/Tunsten Headsize: 484cm/75 Length: 27 Grommet Technology: Double Barrel Grommet. Frame Technology: Triple Threat w/Tungsten Power Scoop Shaft. Grip Type: Cushion Fit. Beam Width: 20-18mm. String Pattern(Mains X Crosses): 16X17. Recommended String Tension: 22-32lbs. Weight Strung: 145g/(5.1 oz.). Prince Recommended String: Sweet Perfection 17 Misc: Power Scoop Shaft Wallglider Bumper Power Ring.

Now before we continue I suppose I should explain what a “Power Ring” is.

Prince Triple Threat Soveriegn Power Rings

Prince Triple Threat Soveriegn Power Rings

In the words of Prince themselves, the Power Ring is “Innovative and patented racquet design where all main strings wrap around an inverted ring. This provides longer, more uniform string lengths for more consistent response and greater power in a more durable frame.”

In layman’s terms, the strings wrap around the throat of the frame. No Grommets are used like other frames. The system increases the feel of the string bed and provides a larger sweet spot which in turn creates less vibration on miss hits. In conjunction with this, the Prince Wallglider bumper provides added confidence when striking the ball near to the walls which essentially is what helps to make this squash racquet a sturdy and resilient frame to the hardships (walls and floors!) of the game. With the increased interest in power hitting with this racquet the the Power Scoop shaft design absorbs both wall and floor impacts for added comfort and durability. Handy right?

Prince Triple Threat Soveriegn Squash Racquet

Prince Triple Threat Soveriegn Squash Racquet

To finish off, I at first thought that this squash racquet would be reviewed in a few short words of: ‘Great racquet for beginners due to its massive and forgiving hitting power’.

Seriously, if you want to embarrass your friends in a ‘who can hit the hardest’ competition, get this racquet. It’s ability and ease at which it produces is phenomenal. A lot of fun, and this is very good for beginner to intermediate players who are looking for some confidence and command in their shots.

Now, on second thought, I gave this racquet a few months of play on and off. I kept being drawn back to it due to its immense power and comfortable feeling in my hand. My game simplified into longer rallies of wall drives, which, once I realised, had dramatically begun to wear down my opponents gave me a fantastic opportunity to work on the finesse and kill shots in my game.

So overall, this racquet is very much an all rounder from beginners to expert, I would say everyone will enjoy and learn from using this racquet. If there was one issue that I have, it is the price. Originally these racquets could only be had for over $200!! Still, I have noticed prices drop significantly, particularly with new year models coming out. Amazon dropped their price down to $115… Which I believe they have dropped it further down to $89. Ridiculous! I can’t find it for that price at any of the clubs near me.

None the less, if you are after one hell of a squash racquet for a decent price, it is very difficult to go past the Prince Triple Threat Soveriegn.

Head Youtek Cyano 115


The head Cyano 115 squash racquet used the YouTek™ d30™ system which is a specialized construction where the molecules of the racquet respond to the power you put into the shot. For fast aggressive shots, the racquet becomes more rigid and can deflect the ball faster. For softer shots the molecules absorb the impact and allow the player to have more control and accuracy. The Head Cyano 115 also uses corrugated technology for the shaft design, which optimizes the power and handling of every shot. The shaft is constructed using specially corrugated rails which improve the stiffness and rigidity of the shaft by around 12%. This is a notable and important feature of this racquet.

The base material of the Head Cyano 115 is a teflon friction reducing polymer, which allows the strings to easily move back and forth in the holes, creating less friction and thus loosing less energy with every shot. The Head Cyano 114 has a 500 square cm head and a 20mm beam.

People with a competitive edge will really love this racquet, as it so satisfying when you hit the ball really hard; the ball just seems to bounce off the racquet with increased power and speed. As a racquet for competition, it is well suited and I have used it myself in some social games which I incidentally won.

Head YOUTEK Cyano 115 Racquet

Head YOUTEK Cyano 115 Racquet

I have found that the head Cyano 115 is a great squash racquet for people of all different squash skill levels. It is a great competitive performance racquet, while at the same time being suitable for beginners that are just starting out in the sport. I have one which I have been using recently as a recreational racquet for social matches and I have found it to be fast and reliable and gives me a level of accuracy, which makes me look like a better player that I actually am.

I recommend this racquet to people looking for a mid price squash racquet because it is a great all round performer and will suit most players whatever their size or age. The combination of all the patented technologies used in the construction of this racquet, certainly contribute to its durability and its high quality performance. Of all the new racquets that I have tried this year, the Head Cyano 115 is one of the more impressive models and it has a great feel in your hand when you smash that ball.

I have read several other squash racquet customer reviews on the Internet written by people that have found success in their games using the Head Cyano 115 racquet. Many people also keep a spare one on hand in case they need it, as they are quite affordable and you are getting a combination of both strength and performance when you invest in a Head Cyano 115.I hope this review is useful to others that are looking to buy this racquet for themselves or for a family member. I am certainly happy with the one that I purchased recently.

Ok, so I wrote this review a while ago and have played with the racquet for a few more weeks... Holy moly it has certainly grown on me. It is probably a top 3 racquet for me so far. Seriously, this thing is a thumper!!! I can't really explain it much better other then it's starting to border on a work of art. Very exciting stuff, Head has seriously lifted their game with this one. Get amongst it, what a great racquet! Wait till you start smashing all your nicks against your buddies and competitors, they'll be freaking out! Ha, my apologies, it's certainly gotten me exciting. It's so damn light. I think I'll be picking up another one of these if it ever breaks.

Best of luck out there everyone, you'll need it if one of your competitors has one of these!! Haha, I'm still thrilled with it!

Cheers, SquashRacqueteer!

Wilson Hyper Hammer 145


The Wilson Hyper Hammer 145 is a very popular squash racquet and is the choice of many serious squash enthusiasts both competitive and recreational players. The Wilson Hyper Hammer has earned a name for itself amongst squash players in general and is considered to be a reliable and worthy brand of racquet.

The Wilson Hyper hammer 145 has a Hyper carbonTM construction, which makes it both light and strong. It also gives it a stiffness which increases maneuverability and overall performance. This patented Hammer system technology has been used in the ultra-light construction of this racquet and has earned the company a name for squash racquets. The unique frame gives the racquet great maneuverability on the court and it feels great in your hand because it has a unique soft hand grip. The Wilson Hyper hammer has a head heavy balance point which further adds to its great overall performance. Power hole technology is used for the strings, which enables them to move freely when they have tension put on them by the ball. This increases the power with which the ball bounces off the racquet, even when you have off center shots.

Wilson Hyper Hammer 145 Squash Racket

Wilson Hyper Hammer 145 Squash Racket

The Wilson Hyper Hammer weighs 145 grams and has a head size of 76 square inches or 488 cm. It is not shipped with a cover but there are many after-market covers available that will suit it fine. This model was unavailable until recently when it was re-released by Wilson and is now available for a limited time only. If you wish to own one of these racquets you should grab one while they are still available as there is no guarantee that they will be around this time next year.

I was recently gifted a Wilson Hyper hammer squash racket from a good friend and fellow squash player after we spent a weekend at a tournament together. He has been playing with a Wilson for some time and was urging me to purchase one. Since swapping to the Wilson, I have found that I don’t need to play as hard as I did with my old racquet. I have been reading squash racquet reviews on the Wilson Hyper hammer and many people have a lot of great things to say about this racquet. I have no doubts about recommending this racquet to others that are looking to buy a new squash racquet because it really impressed me and I have been using mine for several weeks now. I am an intermediate level squash player and I play several times a week recreationally and go in the occasional tournament when I have the time.

Even if this is not your favorite everyday squash racquet, it is a great racquet to have on hand as a spare or for when you feel like a change. Every dedicated squash enthusiast should have a Wilson Hyper hammer as part of his or her squash racquet collection. As every serious squash player will tell you; you can never have too many squash racquets.

Dunlop Venom 110 Squash Racquet


Dunlop have traditionally been making both squash and tennis racquets for decades now and have earned a high reputation for quality and performance for these sports products. I recently purchased a Dunlop Venom 110 squash racquet after having already owned several other Dunlop racquets in the past. When checking out the range of different squash racquets on the market I usually lean towards Dunlop for their reliability and features. Also I have never been disappointed with any of the Dunlop racquets that I have purchased.

Weighing only 110 grams the Venon 110 is the lightest squash racquet ever produced by Dunlop. This unprecedented weight for a Dunlop squash racquet begs the question of whether it is actually too light. The extra light head compensates the balance point even though the head is a standard size of 500 square cm. The tear drop shape of the head of this racquet allows for long main strings and combined with the traditional Powermax string pattern, this produces superior string deflection. With this source of power, the Dunlop Venon gives player the edge in a competition and also players do not need to exert as much energy when playing. The extra lightweight frame of the Dunlop Venon makes it a great racquet for beginners but it also serves well as a competitive racquet for more experienced players.

Dunlop Sports Venom 110 Squash Racquet

Dunlop Sports Venom 110 Squash Racquet

I have two Dunlop Venom squash racquets, the main one I use for competitions and a spare one, which I like to always have on hand. I have never actually broken a racquet during a game, but it gives me peace of mind to carry a spare with me, just in case something unexpected happens at a squash match. I started using the Venom when I needed to send my favorite racquet in for re-stringing and it did take me a few days to get accustomed to the lighter weight head. However after practicing with the venom for a few play matches, I quickly found that it improved my performance and gave me the edge in my games. I now use the Dunlop Venom every day and I believe that it is the best racquet that I have ever owned.

I recommend the Dunlop venom to other people wanting to try something new, because it really has a unique feel to it and I found that it improved my style and speed. Because squash is such a fast game, light racquets are vital and the lighter the racquet the easier it is to produce powerful accurate hits. The Venom just seems to glide through the air effortlessly and it feels great in your hand. I do not usually review squash racquets, even though I have played with many different makes and models of racquet; I decided to write a squash racquet review for the Dunlop venom because I was most impressed with its performance and the strength and lightness of its frame. I highly recommend that everyone takes a look at this racquet and try one out if you get the chance to because you will not be disappointed.

Prince O3 Speedport Black Prestrung Squash Racquet


If you are looking for a high performance squash racquet for competitive squash or even for recreational play, then the Prince 03 Speedport is certainly worth considering.

The Prince Speedport comes pre-strung from the factory and is designed with two distinct engineered O holes in the head, which improves performance strength and speed during a game. These O holes assist in stabilizing the racquet during play and they provide additional control for those difficult off-center shots, that many players find difficult. The sweet spot of this racquet is up to 60% larger than in many traditional squash racquets giving improved power and performance on the court. The racquet’s head is 73 square inches and it weighs 135 grams unstrung. The aerodynamic lightweight construction of the Prince Speedport allows it to glide through the air effortlessly and is strong enough to withstand hard and fast power shots. Tunnel testing has proved that the Prince Speedport moves through the air 24 times faster than other squash racquets and the company seems to be continually improving the design of their racquets with each new model that comes out.

Prince O3 Speedport Black Prestrung Squash Racquet

Prince O3 Speedport Black Prestrung Squash Racquet

The Prince Speedport has a string pattern of 16x16 and a balance point of 37.5 cm. The grip is a MicroZorb indoor grip which feels firm in your hand. It comes pre-strung with Super Syn gut 17 strings.

I purchased a Prince Speedport recently when I was looking for a second racquet to take on tour with me. After using the Prince Speedport for a few practice games, I realized that I was hitting the ball effortlessly and achieving tremendous power with every hit. I eventually decided to use it to play a tournament game, which I was unsure about at first because I hadn’t really had enough time to get used to the feel of this racquet. Well I surprised myself and my opponents, when I won the first round using the Speedport and so continued to use it throughout the match. It is now my first choice for competitions and I have several other racquets that I have collected over the years, all of which I am quite attached to, but this is now my first choice for all competitive games I play.

The Prince Speedport is used professionally by James Willstrop and Nicol David both who have won competitions using this racquet. The O holes and speed port in this racquet have earned it a reputation in professional circles, but it is also a great racquet for recreational squash enthusiasts.

I have read a number of positive squash racquet reviews written about the Prince Speedport and they helped me decide whether to go ahead and purchase one. Before deciding to go and buy a Prince Speedport I wanted to be sure that this was the right model to buy and was looking for a racquet to improve my game. After using the Prince Speedport in several competitions, I decided to prepare my own review on the product because I was so impressed with its power, stability and accurate performance.

On a closing note, this thing is a freaking weapon. End of story. If you are good, or want to become great, get this thing. It'll beat your competitors into submission.

Great Video – US College Squash


Just watched this video below and thought that I should share it. I really enjoy watching amateur squash, much like many other amateur sports. I find that the techniques and the skills are still quite different and often unorthodox which makes the competition great to watch. The two players in the video below are very good and are both entertaining players for sure. Anyway, check it out, might be a bit of inspiration for your next hit!


Men's College Squash 2012 National Team Championships: Potter Cup - Cornell & Yale